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Surge Protector 5 Outlets 2 Smart USB Ports Black

▪5 x AC outlets and 2 x USB ports surge protector with 4 ft heavy duty UL listed extension cord ideal for home and office. 1000 joule energy rating is ideal for computers and telephones.

▪ The 2 built-in Smart IC technology USB ports detect your devices automatically and deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 5V/2.4 A . The 4 keyhole slots on the back allow you to easily mount it to a wall or baseboard horizontally.

▪ Overload Protection with the double break overload switch. Made of Flame Retardant Material which is able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉(750℃).

▪ Guaranteed Quality and All-around Protection: ETL Listed and FCC Certificated. Surge Protection feature safeguards your expensive electronics.

▪ What you will get: one Power Strip, one User Guide and one Warranty Card; Worry-free 24-month warranty, 30-day no-hassle return & refund guarantee and life time technical support.

List Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $18.95

HOLSEM-Your Safety is Our Priority

HOLSEM surge protectors


At HOLSEM, we dedicate ourselves to finding various solutions to an easier, smarter, and more convenient life style. By using the power of technology, we help people realize how much better the life could be.

We discover your needs for simplicity and limitless possibilities, and make products that truly take you there. We strive to provide our customers with premium quality. 

And we make sure when we do this, we do it in environmentally responsible ways.

HOLSEM Surge Protector 5 Outlets with 2 USB Ports 4 ft cord Power Strip, Black

HOLSEM Surge Protector 5 Outlets with 2 USB Ports 4 ft cord Power Strip, Black

5x AC outlets and 2 Smart USB ports: 

The 2 built-in Smart IC technology USB ports detect your devices automatically

and deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 5V/2.4A.

Surge Protection: 

Fully built-in 3-line (L-N, L-PE, N-PE) surge protection safeguards your devices 

from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes. The green LED light makes the 

surgeprotection function visible and more reliable. 

Overload Protection:

In the event of power overload (Rated Power:1875W), the reliable 

Double-Break safety switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices 

and your home. After one year's testing and several adjustments by our 

dedicated engineers, we've found the most ideal force level for our 

Double-Break safety switch, andmake sure it won't get stuck after long term 

of use.

Heavy-duty power cord: 

14AWG cord provides premium protection to your electronic devices and your 


Made of Flame Retardant Material: 

able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉(750℃).

Validation Method

Validation Method


  • Voltage Compatibility: AC 100-230V

  • Technical Parameters: 15A 60Hz

  • Rated Power: 1,875W

  • Surge Energy: 1,000J

  • Peak Current: 13,500A

  • USB Total Max: 5V/2.4A 12W

  • Dimensions: 11.6×2.6×1.4 inches

Here is how you can validate your HOLSEM products:

Under the light, when the object is rotated lightly, the image 

with effect of 3D crystal relief sculpture can be observed with 

complete 360-degree viewing angles, as well as the effect of 

the letter 'S' zooming in and out.

A sturdy, safe and feature-rich surge protector with a stylish and trendy design

2 Smart USB Ports Surge Protection Keyhole slots on the back

2 Smart USB Ports 

The 2 built-in Smart IC 

technology USB ports detect 

your devices automatically 

and deliver the fastest possible 

charge speed up to 5V/2.4A.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection with built-in LED 

light safeguards your expensive 

computers, smartphones and all 

other electronics from voltage 

fluctuations, surges and spikes. 

The green LED light makes the 

surge protection function visible 

and more reliable.

Overload Protection

In the event of power overload, 

the reliable Double-Break safety 

switch will trip off automatically 

to protect your devices and your 

home. The grey switch on top is 

designed to be perfectly loose, 

to ensure it won't get stuck after

long time of use. And it acts as a 

cover for the real safety switch 

underneath to protect the red 

switch from accumulating dust 

or dirt. After one year's testing 

and several adjustments by our 

dedicated engineers, we've found 

the most ideal force level for our 

Double-Break safety switch.

Keyhole slots on the back

Keyhole slots on the back allow 

you to mount it to a wall or 

baseboard horizontally.

Mounting Method

1. Measure the distance between 

the 2 keyhole slots with the same 

direction on the back of the 

power strip.

2. Punch 2 holes on the baseboard 

with the distance you just measured 

and insert  two self-tapping screws

(M2.5 to M3.5, MIN length 12mm).

3. Put the power strip into the screws

and then pull it down a little bit. 

Please ensure that the screws slide 

into the smaller holes.


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