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  • 2018-02-02

    How to make the best homemade french fries using air fryer?

    French fries are crazy delicious. However, the traditional deep fried fries using oil may cause a lot of healthy concerns in regards to the excess of oil and the oil-frying process itself. Thanks to the great invention of air fryer, we can enjoy the equally delicious (or even more delicious than oil fried) french fries at home using air fryer. It is extremely simple to do, and the most healthy - you will only need potato, and a little bit of oil, and an air fryer. We will guide you step by step to make the best ever french fries.

  • 2018-01-28

    How to choose an air fryer?

    If you are also addicted to the french fries or fried chicken but want them in a healthier way, you’ve come to the right place. Just because you want to improve your eating habits doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite food! The love for all kinds of fried food is probably one of the reasons you are looking for an air fryer, but the air fryer can do so much more than just frying. Here, we will guide you on how to choose air fryers according to your needs. 1. What is an air fryer? 2. How to choose an air fryer? - Safety always comes first. 3. How to choose an air fryer? - Manual or Digital depends on your needs and preference. 4. How to choose an air fryer? - Make sure to choose the one with removable drawer 5. How to choose an air fryer? - Customer Service and Warranty are very important. 6. How to choose an air fryer? - Air fryer accessories are a big bonus. 7. How to choose an air fryer? - Appearance does matter.

  • 2018-01-06

    HOLSEM Air Fryer - Your New Instant Pot for Everything

    HOLSEM Air Fryer - Your New Instant Pot for Everything. It can not only fry your favorite ingredients with full flavor, but also it can bake, steam, grill, roast and unfreeze - it’s an all-around multifunctional kitchen tool that can meet almost all your cooking needs. What’s more, with the rapid air circulation technology, HOLSEM Air Fryer can cook foods faster compared to traditional way of cooking, thus saves you lots of time to enjoy your life.

  • 2017-12-30

    Get to know the Comprehensive Protection System provided by HOLSEM Surge Protectors

    At HOLSEM, your safety is our priority. That's the reason why our surge protectors are made to provide the top safety standards to safeguard your home and your family. We know profoundly that outstanding safety calls for extreme attention to details and thoughtful plans for all the possible circumstances that may cause safety issues. So our industry-leading development team has taken numerous exams and various procedures to find out safety concerns in other surge protectors, and developed our Comprehensive Protection Systems covering surge protection, overload protection, static resistance, input and output temperature control, and lightning protection.

  • 2017-12-01

    Healthier Cooking with HOLSEM Air Fryer

    HOLSEM Air Fryer provides an easy and healthy way of preparing your favorite ingredients. By using hot and rapid air circulation, it is able to make numerous dishes. The best part is that the air fryer heats food at all directions and most of the ingredients do not need any oil.

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