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How to choose a good and safe surge protector?

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Nowadays We are surrounded with numerous electronic devices and usually run on a lookout for their power source, it’s important for us to know how to choose a good and safe surge protector? Do the most expensive surge protectors automatically mean the best ones?

Here’s what we need to look for when choosing the best surge protector for our needs:

1 Choose a surge protector that has enough protected outlets to power and protect all the devices that you need to attach to it. But please do NOT multiple surge protectors by plugging them into one another, which is not safe.

Surge protectors such as HOLSEM X12 with as many as a dozen protected outlets, normally it can meet most of your needs.

2   The quality of surge protectors is measured by the capacity of its power absorption in joules. When it comes to understanding ratings, a surge protector rated at 1000-2000 joules is pretty good to protect your gadgets like printers, mobiles, etc. We recommend to you to choose HOLSEM surge protector X12 with 4000J if you wish to protect heavy devices like television, computers, etc. 

3  Another thing to consider is the Clamping Voltage  (The maximum amount of voltage that a surge protector will allow through itself before it will suppress the power surge. When the device reaches its clamping voltage, it blocks any further current from flowing through the device and into a computer system or other electronic device.)

The ideal maximum clamping voltage is 400 volts or less. The lower the clamping voltage the better, but the lower the clamping voltage the more the surge protector will cost.

4 In addition to the factors mentioned above, we also need to consider the Response Time of the protective components contained within a surge suppressor.

The longer it takes for your surge protector to begin shunting the excess voltage and current to ground, the more likely it will be that your equipment will be damaged or destroyed.

I recommend choosing a model with a response time of 1 nanosecond or less. Yes, that’s an extremely short amount of time, but every nanosecond counts when it comes to power surges!

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