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For surge protectors, does it matter whether the power cord is thick or not?

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For surge protectors, does it matter whether the power cord is thick or not?

When people choose surge protectors, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most obvious factors are the technical specifications for a surge protector, like joule rating, working voltage range, rated power, and of course the number of AC outlets and USB ports. For almost all the quality brands in the market, it should be easy to find these technical specifications on the package of the product. However, there is one thing that is less common to see in the specifications. That’s the technical specification for the power cord. People do pay attention to the power cord to see whether it’s thick or thin, but most people don’t quite understand how to tell if the power cord is good enough for them.

It is generally a common agreement that the thicker power cord is better than a thinner power cord. Apart from the fact that a thicker power cord is more sturdy, seems safer, and of course of better quality, what are the real benefits of the thicker power cord? Does it really provide better safety guarantee for your electronic gadgets plugged into the surge protector? We will tell you in details below.

The power cable serves a vital function: it transports electrical current to the power supply of your components. So the quality of the power cable do matter. The most important component of a power cord of the surge protector are the copper wires. The thicker the power cord, the thicker the copper wires are, thus reduce the electric resistance when the electrical current passes through the power cord. This way, it can reduce the heat built-up to ensure the power cord is never over heated. This is very important if the higher power appliances are plugged into your surge protector. Overheating problem of a power cord can cause serious accidents in some circumstances, so should be very cautious about.


What’s more, when the thick power cord reduces the heat built-up, it is also saving energy. The thick power cord can ensure that no energy is wasted on the power cord during electrical current transition, and better efficiency.


So it you are choosing a sturdy, durable, and robust surge protector for your electronic devices, the power cord is also a very important factor you should look at. All the HOLSEM Surge Protectors use the very thick and durable 14AWG heavy-duty power cord. We never comprimse the safety standards for lower cost. Becase at HOLSEM, your safety is always our priority.

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